Northside Beekeepers Honour Roll


Without the dedication and hard work of NBKA members past and present who have taken on Officer Bearer positions, the NBKA would not have been able to function successfully and for so long.

We extend our sincere thanks to all of the individuals listed in the Honour Roll below.

YearPresident SecretaryTreasurer
1982Mr T EdwinsmithNola McAlpineMr T Ryan
1983Mr T EdwinsmithNola McAlpineMr T Ryan
1984Mr T EdwinsmithNola McAlpineMr D Brighouse
1985Mr T EdwinsmithNola McAlpineMr D Brighouse
1986Graham GillilandNola McAlpineMr D Brighouse
1987Alan KilbyDarryl BakerKen McFarlane
1988Alan KilbyKen McFarlaneKen McFarlane
1989Ken McDougallKen McFarlaneKen McFarlane
1990Ken McDougallKen McFarlaneKen McFarlane
1991Ken McDougallKen McFarlaneKen McFarlane
1992Howard KirbyStewart RosenlundStewart Rosenlund
1993Howard KirbyPeter LupschenFaye Evans
1994Howard KirbyPeter LupschenRussell Vickers
1995Les BrownPeter LupschenRussell Vickers
1996Les BrownHoward HeyworthHugh Ramsay
1997Howard KirbyGreg NeilsenHugh Ramsay
1998Howard KirbyGreg NeilsenTrevor Sutherland
1999Howard KirbyGreg NeilsenTrevor Sutherland
2000Greg NeilsenMark HaywardTrevor Sutherland
2001Greg NeilsenMark HaywardLynette Gibson
2002Greg NeilsenMark HaywardLynette Gibson
2003Paul MorrisMark HaywardLynette Gibson
2004Paul MorrisDoug Appleton
2005Paul MorrisLenore RobertsDoug Appleton
2006Greg NeilsenTony CuthbertsonDoug Appleton
2007Greg NeilsenTony CuthbertsonDoug Appleton
2008Greg NeilsenTony CuthbertsonDoug Appleton
2009Ian ChristieKen BeerDoug Appleton
2010Ian ChristieKen BeerFiona Hogan
2011Ian ChristieKen BeerFiona Hogan
2012Ian ChristieBonita JubbFiona Hogan
2013Ian ChristieCarolyn WhiteFiona Hogan
2014Ian ChristieCarolyn WhiteJohn Batchelor
2015Ian ChristieJustin Legg / Gina BourkeJohn Batchelor
2016Les BrownGina BourkeShamus Leathart
2017Gina Bourke Wayne BourkeShamus Leathart
2018Michael JonesLiby EdwardsShamus Leathart
2019Michael JonesLiby EdwardsShamus Leathart
2020Michael JonesLiby EdwardsShamus Leathart / Graeme Timms 
2021Ken BannisterKellie-Ann RobinsonGraeme Timms
2022Ron MorrisonSteven HurseyGraeme Timms

Life Members

The Northside Beekeepers Association Inc. awards Life Membership to individual members who have made an outstanding contribution to the work of the Northside Beekeepers.

Below is a list of the individuals who have been awarded Life Membership of the Northside Beekeepers.

Darryl Baker
John Batchelor
Norma Bouveng
Lawrence Bouveng
Les Brown 
Faye Evans
Trevor Evans
Lynette Gibson
Robin Harwood
Shamus Leathart
Greg North