Redcliffe Show Honey Court
Northside Beekeepers Association Inc.

The Redcliffe Show is an annual even that hosts a Honey Court run the Northside Beekeepers Association volunteers for members to enter honey, wax and mead for competition.

All members are encouraged to enter and learn about all aspects of beekeeping. The volunteers enjoy showing members of the public the competition entries, watch a live honey extraction demonstration, talk to a beekeeper with all your bee related questions and buy some honey and wax products to take home.

Dates for the Show are posted annually.

Results from the

2022 Redcliffe Show Honey Court

Happy to say the honey Court was a big success this year.

The weather held out for us this year. Lots of sunshine for the
Redcliffe Show, big crowds on each day. Thank you to the 28 entrants putting in 152 entries for the 23 in the Schedule. Congratulations to all who won a place We would like to have more beekeepers enter in 2023.

To all my volunteers, a very big thank you to all The show would not go on without you. You are very special people One volunteer in particular is Lawrence I could not hold this position without him always there to set up and clean up afterwards. Greg North, Kimmie Roberts, Ron Pearce, Raymond Gee, Tanya Barr, Greg Linklater, David and Lee Tapsill, Mark Fowler, Caz O’Neil, Troy Barker, Peter Ackerman, Steven Cheney, Alex Cheney, Ron and the Morison and family.

Most of these people worked the three day’s and more, I will be looking for more volunteers next year. A free entry pass will be provided and you can enjoy the wonderful experience of promoting your wonderful Bees. It is a great education for Public We also have lots of fun, it’s a busy happy place.

Thank you John Bachelor for bringing in your frame from the brood box complete with bees and the queen. It is a very  popular attraction. Thank you to Harold the Native bee man. People loved viewing the bees in their little houses.

The honey extracting, presented by Greg North, Tanya, and Lawrence was quite a hit with the public. All of these positions have helped to make The Honey court the winner of the best section 1st prize for 2022. We also won this award in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2021 and now we have done it again. this is a proud moment for the Northside Beekeepers.

A big thank you to Kimmie Roberts who runs our shop selling selling your honey and other products to the public a job very very well done, Bev Moore had her stand with all her products, and creams, so, leather cream, furniture polish, honey straws, and lots more thank you Bev.

Many thanks to our judges: Honey and Wax Judge: Peter Underwood and Mead Judge: Colin Stringer. Thank you everyone who participated in this event. I hope you all
keep safe .

Norma Bouveng

Show Steward2

Prize Winner List 2022 Redcliffe Show

  • A   –   Ron Pearce   –   Champion Honey of Show
  • B   –   Alex Chenery   –   Champion Exhibit
  • C   –   Lawrence Bouveng   –   Grand Champion ( most points)
  • D   –   Steven Chenery   –   First Time Exhibit(most points)
  • E   –   Alex Chenery   –   First Time Exhibit(Runner-up)
  • F   –   Lawrence Bouvneg   –   Champion Mead
  • G   –   Tanya Barr   –   Show Steward Award
2022 Winners Redcliffe Honey Court

Details on the 2021 Redcliffe Show Honey Court 

COVID Notice: If you are feeling unwell please stay at home. Restrictions for indoor spaces may be in place depending on density limitations at the time of the event. Changes may occur at the last minute based on State Government advice.

Northside Beekeepers Association and the Redcliffe Show Society have enjoyed a good long standing relationship of delivering a quality honey court for the patrons of the Redcliffe Show. This long serving event has seen competitors rewarded and recognised for their skill, hard work and dedication since 1984. The Association exhibited in the 1983 Lawnton Show. 

This year will again include the Les Brown Junior competition to honour our founding member who passed in 2019. Les was a founding member of the Northside Beekeeper Association in 1982 and during his time introduced many community members to beekeeping through the Redcliffe Show. The Association received a great number of entries in 2021 and would love to have many more in 2022. This year entrants will be competing for a prize pool of $765 in value in 2022.

The purpose of this Show Schedule is to assist competitors to enter any of the 23 classes on offer in the Redcliffe Show Section 5 – Apairy. Please ensure you read the rules and schedule carefully to avoid disappointment. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your high quality entries at the Honey Court this year.

Norma Bouveng

Show Steward

APPLICATIONS TO ENTER: Entry forms and fees should be lodged by Sunday 19th June 2022. No exhibit will be accepted or eligible for prizes unless the entry fee has been paid and a completed entry form is forwarded to the steward. All Exhibitors are required to declare their Biosecurity number when entering an exhibit

ENTRY FEES: – all classes $1.00 each entry. Non-refundable.

DELIVERY OF EXHIBITS: All exhibits must be at the Show Pavilion between 12 pm – 4 pm, Sunday 19th June 2022. Late exhibits may be accepted by the Show Steward up to Wednesday 22nd June 2022  by negotiation.

JUDGING: Judging will commence at 10 am Thursday, June 23rd, 2022. The Judge may mark down any exhibits entered in any previous Show, in the interest of ongoing fair competition.

COLLECTION OF EXHIBITS: Collection of entries 4 pm – 5 pm Sunday 26th June 2022. Any uncollected entries after 5 pm will become the property of the Northside Beekeepers Association.

COLLECTION OF PRIZES: All NBKA members will receive prizes at the following monthly meeting. Details of prizes are on page 7. For all other competitors, prize money may be collected from the Show Steward on completion of the Show.

Honey exhibited in Classes 1 to 9 must be shown in the standard trade jar approved by the Queensland Beekeepers’ Association. The jar is round (not panelled) and of clear glass with white top. It measures approximately: 120 mm with cap diameter 62 mm and contains 500g reputed net weight of honey. To expedite judging, jars should be filled to capacity.  An air space of 6 mm to be left at the top of jar. All Jars are to be clear of all markings, stickers or identification marks. Only stickers are to be ones placed on jars by stewards, to identify entrants. Where multiple entries are made by any one entrant in any one class it is essential that individual exhibits be derived from a different floral source.

Due to COVID a 50 ml plastic sample pot will be provided by the club for all honey entries.

CLASS 1  Light Honey    |    One 500g jar, plus sample
CLASS 2  |  Light Golden Honey    |    One 500g jar, plus sample
CLASS 3  |  Dark Golden Honey    |    One 500g jar, plus sample
CLASS 4  |  Dark Honey    |    One 500g jar, plus sample
CLASS 5  |  Any colour Honey  |  One 500g jar, plus sample for novice competitors who have not won a prize at any previous shows.
CLASS 6   Granulated Honey, fine grain    |    One 500g jar, plus sample
CLASS 7  |  Granulated Honey, course grain    |    One 500g jar, plus sample
CLASS 8  |  Creamed Honey    |    One 500g jar, plus sample
CLASS 9  |  Comb and Extracted Honey    |    One 500g jar, plus sample

Cut comb and frames of comb in classes 10 and 11 must be free of paper and decorative borders so that all the comb surface can be judged.

CLASS 10 | Cut Comb | Two sections of not less than 250 g of uniform size in transparent containers.

CLASS 11 | One frame of Comb Honey | Any frame size. Comb must be 100% natural beeswax, displayed in a white show case.

The beeswax display moulded or sculptured form, can only be beeswax natural or coloured and no other material or markings. The colour, attractiveness and arrangement will be considered. The display must be confined to a base area of 500 mm x 500 mm and no more than 500 mm high. Max of 2 entries per entrant in each class.

CLASS 12 | Beeswax, yellow | Minimum display of five tablets. Total weight minimum of 1kg and max of 1.5 kg.
CLASS 13 | Beeswax, white | Minimum display of five tablets. Total weight minimum of 1kg and max of 1.5 kg.
CLASS 14 | Beeswax, yellow | 1kg block, wax only.
CLASS 15 | Beeswax, white | 1kg block, wax only.
CLASS 16 | Novice wax 500g | Any natural colour for novice competitors who have not won a prize at any previous shows.
CLASS 17 | Novelty collection of wax not less than 2 kg.

CLASS 18 | Honey | Any colour. One 500 g jar, plus sample

An air space of 6 mm to be left at the top of jar. All jars are to be clear of all markings, stickers or identification marks.

CLASS 19 | Beeswax | Wax natural 500 g, any natural colour
CLASS 20 | Novelty collection of wax | 1 kg up to 2kg

Entries to be in either clear plastic 750ml or 1.25L PET bottles for judging, clear of all markings, stickers and identification marks. Due to COVID a 80 ml plastic sample pot will be provided by the club for all mead entries.

CLASS 21 | Mead dry class | plus sample
CLASS 22 | Mead sweet class | plus sample
CLASS 23 | Mead melomel (fruit Infused) | plus sample

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