Bottle and Jar Drive – Currently Not Running

Future bottle and jar drives will be announced through the clubs email and general meetings

The Northside Beekeepers Association Inc. has for many years offered its members the opportunity to purchase Pails, Bottles and Jars for their honey.

We now offer our members this opportunity to purchase the various containers online using Wild Apricot.

To access and order the items you want to buy click on the “Shop Now” button below, add them to your cart, and then checkout paying with a debit or credit card (sorry no cash or bank transfers are accepted through this system). Orders will only be accepted via this online ordering system.

Once the order is ready for collection, you will receive a notification to advise you when and the address from where to collect it from.

PLEASE NOTE: This Bottle and Jar Drive commences Saturday 5 March 2022 and due to an imminent price increase for some items this Drive must close promptly at 5.00pm on Tuesday 15th March 2022. No further orders will be processed after this time.

Further due to Covid and the current weather conditions, some items may not be delivered for some time but prices will be honoured if ordered before the 15th March. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Container Program Coordinator, Kevin Anderson on 0419 121 004

Glass Jars and Lids

Please note, where (Carton) is featured in the item description, the price is for a carton of these items. E.g When you order qty 1, you are ordering 1 carton (=whatever qty is in a carton, see details by clicking on item).

Glass lids are EACH, and you should take care to calculate the number of lids you need e.g. If you buy two cartons of jars = 48 items, then you need to order 48 lids (or more if you care to). You can order whatever colour combination of lids you need.

However, please note that lids vary for the jar you buy. Match the lid to the jar by the volume/weight indicated in the lid description.